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DigiGANTIC forms part of the eMarketing Solutions Group, where we are all about helping amazing brands succeed!

As a marketing solutions company, eMarketing Solutions provides innovative software solutions within the digital spheres of social media and content marketing to enhance business and revenue growth.

We are all about helping amazing brands succeed.

We cater to every business sector from Healthcare, Motor, Technology, Retail, Alternative Energy and Defence, to Communications, Leisure and more.

Our unparalleled team is made up of unique, hardworking individuals who thrive in a fun, creative and professional company culture. We are great listeners who love to brainstorm, collaborate and energize client ideas.

As a key contributor to this faction, DigiGANTIC is an All-in-One Social Media CMS intent on simplifying the complexities of Social Brand Management.

Throughout our business journey, it became evident that today’s Brand Manager is faced with more challenges than ever before given the increasing number of social networks/digital marketing platforms on offer. Where the management of an organization’s Online Brand is happening across a plethora of avenues.

The market demand for an affordable, yet fully fledged, and ingeniously simple to use social management platform goes without saying – with DigiGANTIC answering this call with pure customer delight.

Social Media has forever changed the face of customer engagement and customer service – two prime dimensions of a successful brand in today’s digital era.

DigiGANTIC brings social power to brands in a BIG way!

DigiGANTIC helps manage these conversations – across virtually every social media platform in existence today – with YOU in complete control.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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