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Unleash the power of your social strategy with intelligent
Social Media Management and Engagement.

  • Publish

    Schedule and post on a multitude of social media networks. Deliver posts immediately or queue for a specific time and date.

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  • Monitor

    Readily monitor conversations around your brand, specific keywords and competitors. Use Keyword Search to track and analyse conversations across the social sphere.

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  • Generate Leads

    Generate leads and drive visitor conversions with Link Framing.

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  • Automate Tasks

    Use intelligent Social Automations to automate important social tasks. Never miss a Facebook comment or retweet again.

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  • Manage Teams

    Delegate work and manage your social media as a team. Add unlimited team members to your Project and set customized access levels for each User.

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  • Analyse Results

    Compare network performance and understand the impact of your social business. Track profiles of other brands for competitive analysis.

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  • Custom Reporting

    Powerful presentation-ready reports allows you to create the reports that work best for your audience. Schedule your reports to run automatically at specific times and intervals.

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All the features you need in one complete package…

How to Videos

Get clued up on how it works


Real-time communication.

Schedule and post social content in line with your social business strategy. Go beyond a simple profile update and get in-depth reports on publication performance. Simultaneously post to multiple networks from one intuitive platform.


Post content right away, schedule for a future time/date or set at specific and repeated intervals. Avoid ‘spammy’ repeat posts by customizing each publication for recurring campaigns.

Posting Optimization

Setup your optimal publication delivery times in advance. Apply the Optimization Report to identify ideal posting times when queueing your social content, greatly increasing the possibility of maximum exposure and engagement.

Syndicate Content

Connect RSS feeds to syndicate content from 3rd parties. When new publications appear, they are automatically posted to your target social properties. You may also choose to curate (review and possibly change) the content before it publishes.


Geocode your publication with your current location or any place in the world. Tagging your publication with geo co-ordinates allows you to tap into local markets and audiences.


Reach specific audience segments with publication targeting by specifying user demographics such as gender, age, geography and more.

With DigiGANTIC you can publish to:


Track the conversations that impact your social world.

Keep on top of a particular topic, business/competitor or strategic keyword. A multitude of configuration options gives you complete control over how searches are conducted and determined.

Build Complex Monitors

Track hashtags and phrases. Monitor globally or zoom in on your network specifically. Combine and exclude keywords to establish sophisticated queries.

Identify Influencers

Identify key topic influencers within your social space (i.e. people who contribute to a particular topic most frequently).

Content Groups

Boost your content planning by arranging your content into segmented groups. Easily review the distribution of scheduled content on your Publication Calendar through your established colour tags.

Generate Leads

Put social marketing to work.

Generate leads and drive visitor conversion with Link Framing.
Link Frames integrate a call-to-action directly within your social media publication, driving conversion rates and delivering a premium brand experience for your audience.

Automate Tasks

Smart automation.

Use intelligent Social Automations to automate important social tasks. How often have you left a comment on your Facebook page unattended or failed to timeously engage with someone who mentioned you or who retweeted your status? Well, no more. Once enabled Social Automations will perform these tasks based on ‘intelligent’ criteria which you pre-define within the system.

Manage Teams

Team manage your social media.

Delegate tasks and give others access to your projects. Add unlimited team members and set customized access levels.

User Specific Permissions

Set different access levels for each user in your team. Some users may be helping you manage your social media – responding to comments and questions, etc. while other team members may be responsible for strategic publications.

Team Performance Report

Keep tabs on team performance and discover how each team member is contributing to your social goals.

Publication Workflow

Assign certain team members (high permission status) the ability to approve publications. This feature is a must-have in a multi-user environment where responsibility for editorial approval is a must.

Analyse Results

Analyse, compare and up your social game.

Track the performance of everything from your Facebook page and Twitter profile, to business reviews, website site performance and more.

Multitude of Supported Channels

Connect your social profiles and intelligently display all your social data on one intuitive dashboard. Segment your data by customer or business, and even track the profiles of outsiders (great for competitor analysis).

Intelligent Data

Compare network performance and understand the impact of your social business. Go beyond looking at insights on a single social profile and instead see them side-by-side. Find correlations between your social and business activities.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports for measured social success.

Access to your social data and reporting is unlimited. Schedule reports in advance to run at specific times and intervals, and have them delivered straight to your inbox or uploaded to any Google Drive account.

Build Your Own

Use the report designer to create the layout that works best for your audience. Choose specific sections, and include your own cover page and logo.

Export to Excel

Export and download all data in raw CSV format. This is a great option for custom report building and extra analysis. This also works as a data archive for your historical social data.

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